An online book of Common Sense Photography, by Rhett Stuart

Bellow Attachment


This goes between the camera body and the lens to extend the lens. High quality with high magnifications can be obtained. On some bellows any old high quality lens can be used of any brand as long as it will fit on the bellows. . However, a macro bellows is large and awkward to handle. The shutter and aperture needs to be manually set. You might also have to take an exposure reading with a handheld meter since your camera may not work properly without a lens on it. Also, a lot of light can be lost this way, which increases exposure time. However, extreme macro pictures can be taken this way because the magnification increases the farther away from the lens is from the camera. I don’t use a bellows, but they are an option and can be an option to get extreme high magnifications. Remember, the more magnification, the less depth of field and the more critical focusing becomes at these extreme magnifications. The subject can hardly move at all without messing the focusing up. A better alternative might be getting a microscope with a camera attachment! 10x to 1000x can be obtained! After about 1100x the size of the light waves become a problem and you would need to move over to a scanning electron microscope! Maybe someday these scanning electron microscopes (SEM) will be massed produced and affordable!