An online book of Common Sense Photography, by Rhett Stuart

Table of Contents

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  1. How to Take Good Macro Photographs
  2. How is the Magnification of a Macro Lens Rated with Digital SLR?s?
  3. Sensor Size with Macro Pictures and Compact Digital Cameras
  4. Macro Photography Theory
  5. Focusing with Macro Photography
  6. Why Do I Need Focusing Rails?
  7. Depth of Field with Macro Photography
  8. What is Diffraction?
  9. Best Shutter Speeds for Macro Photography
  10. Lens Shake and Mirror Lockup
  11. Lighting with Macro Photography
  12. Diffused Lighting and Reflective Lighting
  13. Macro Photography Techniques
    1. Macro Backgrounds
    2. Micro Aquariums
    3. The Freezer and Glass Cups
    4. Macro Panoramas
    5. Other Techniques
  14. Best Macro Photography Equipment Setups
  15. How to Pick the Best 35mm Macro Photography Lens
  16. Macro Photography Lens Evaluations and How They Are Used
    1. 50mm to 65mm Macro Lenses
    2. 100mm to 105mm Macro Lenses
    3. 150mm to 200mm Macro Lenses
  17. Using Wide Angle Lenses for Close Up Photographs and the 250D Close Up Filter
  18. Macro Lens Alternatives and Attachments
  19. Close Up Filters
  20. Extension Tubes and Amount of Macro Magnification
  21. What Does Stacking Lenses Mean?
  22. Multipliers or Telephoto Extenders with Macro Photography
  23. Reversing the Lens with a Reversing Ring
  24. Bellow Attachment
  25. Flash with Macro Photography
  26. How to do Table Top Macro Photography with Flash
  27. How to Take Macro Pictures at an Aquarium
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